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A disc jockey which is also called DJ, or dee'jay, is an individual who selects and plays pre-recorded music for an intended audience.

Women 'post 50% of misogynistic tweets'

26/05/2016 - A study into abusive tweets sent from UK Twitter accounts suggests large-scale misogyny, with women responsible for half of such tweets.

Robots 'being Taught To Feel Pain'

26/05/2016 - Researchers are developing an artificial nervous system that will allow robots to feel pain.

An appreciation of the floppy disk

26/05/2016 - The death of the floppy disk has been long predicted but the technology has persisted. Why?

Xiaomi Mi Drone Poses Price Challenge

25/05/2016 - China's Xiaomi announces its first drone, pricing it significantly lower than a comparable model by the market leader DJI.

US nuclear force uses floppy disks

26/05/2016 - The US nuclear weapons force still uses 1970s-era computer systems and floppy disks, a government report reveals.

Microsoft Hangs Up On Phone Workers

25/05/2016 - Microsoft reveals plans to cut up to 1,850 jobs as part of efforts to scale back its smartphone business.